Atopic dermatitis in stressed dogs


Canine atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disease that causes severe itching, redness, and sores on the skin. Like eczema in humans, this dermatological pathology affects the quality of life of animals. Even if it can’t be treated, the symptoms can be managed with the help of a veterinarian, including those caused by stress in the dog. If your dog is scratching, you may need to change his diet and choose a kibble for dogs with itchiness to get rid of it.

Symptoms of atopic dermatitis:

Symptoms of canine atopic dermatitis usually appear in young dogs before the age of 3. The animal scratches, licks, and bites the skin, especially around the surface of the ears (otitis externa), abdomen, legs (pododermatitis), face, and perineal area. This itching leads to redness, pimples, dryness, crusts, and even areas of depilation (alopecia).

Red spots on dog’s belly:

It is impossible not to pay attention to it, your dog will scratch, because this allergy will make him itch, and as a result, he will lose hair.

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In the ear:

In general, your dog should have sores somewhere else on the body other than the ears, if this is the case then this is indeed a sign of dermatitis. The presence of erythema indicates that something is wrong. This will lead to sores as well as the appearance of scabs. Often this leads to an ear infection.

Eczema on the lips:

Due to licking, we often see the appearance of redness on the dog’s lips.

These clinical symptoms appear in acute attacks, but also in periods of relative calm. It is important to know that severe itching can be aggravated by various reasons such as the presence of fleas, allergic reactions to dust mites and/or pollen, but also due to poor diet or stressful conditions. Dog.

All of these symptoms will eventually lead to a change in your pet’s behavior.

Causes of Atopic Dermatitis:

Some correlations are important to highlight: The itching associated with canine atopic dermatitis (CAD) can be caused by stress in dogs, but it can also come from a source of stress. Anxiety is a cause of canine atopic dermatitis. These scratches can cause a stressful situation in the dog such as a change in environment, the arrival of a new congener or child, noise, or lack of activity.

This is why when an animal scratches, it is important not to scold it at the risk of increasing its discomfort. It is important to consult a veterinarian so that he can relieve the skin inflammation and calm the stressed dog.

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How to calm atopic dermatitis in stressed dogs?

Since canine atopic dermatitis is a genetic disease, it cannot be cured. However, the practitioner offers comprehensive care (medical and environmental) based on confirming the dog’s symptoms and diagnosis. Veterinary treatment can improve the condition of the skin, relieve the itchiness or stop it altogether.

Calming pheromones to reduce stress in dogs
Diffusion of Adaptel pheromones (diffuser, collar) is recommended to help calm stressed dogs. They transmit calming messages to the animal’s environment so that it feels calm and relaxed when faced with an unusual situation.


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